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How Small Businesses Benefit from Virtual Offices
This editorial article at explains how virtual offices help small businesses. Here, the writer emphasized that the 9-to-5 traditional office space is not dead, but he cited that the flexibility of a virtual office is an advantage to meet the tangible needs of a small business owner. The writer also mentioned that technology these days has changed the way people define a workplace, and noted that this change has been a great benefit for many business start-ups. Lastly, virtual offices are not also being described as something that use advanced technology. They also serve as useful tools for entrepreneurs to customize their work space.

55 Business Ideas You Can Start with $5,000 or Less
If you want to start a business but you only have $5,000, has 55 bright ideas for you. This includes bike repair, boat cleaning, computer and electronics repair, chimney sweep, cleaning services, consultancy, dog breeding, eBay assistant, editorial services such as copywriting and proofreading, event planner, golf coach, household organizer, import and export services, interior decorator, flea market, jewelry making, property management, upholstering, taxidermy, used books selling, and wedding planner. Some of these businesses require you to attend trainings and to secure a license. Nevertheless, many of them have a huge possibility to expand.

10 Tips on How to Have a Small but Efficient Home Office
Having a small but efficient home office is not impossible, and this article at shows you how to do it. Presented here are 10 ideas with photos that you can use as guides. This includes using walls as storage area in various ways, adding vertical shelves, downsizing the chair, organizing the drawers, having a corner desk which can help maximizing the space, and having a home office that is nearer to the window so it can receive natural light. One of the creative ways to use walls is to place cork on it so it can be used as pin board.

How to Save Some Space if Home Office is Small
Having a small home office space can be a problem, but this article at can help you solve that. Among the ideas mentioned are rollout desk, maximizing the space on your wall, low shelving, a countertop over the heater, creative shelving, pull-out desk drawer, chalkboard wall, and a dual-purpose monitor. All of them come with a sample photo that you can use as a guide. A particular design of a wall shows a horizontal hanging rod for storing pencils, pens and other small items within easy reach. A light fixture is also mounted to the wall, along with an articulating arm to push off the light when not in use.

Important Things You Should Know About Home Office Deduction
Some homeowners are hesitant to apply for home office deduction because it might trigger an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit. To help you out, this article at offers some important information as to whether you are eligible for home office deduction. First, there is no specific definition in the law as to what regular use of home office is. Nevertheless, it is clearly stated that a home office is the principal place of business, and not your principal office. Therefore, it does not matter if you do most of your work outside your home. The article also explains the difference between exclusive- and regular-use tests, and how you can qualify for home business write-offs.

31 Home Office Organizing Tips and Tricks
Working from home has a lot of advantages over working in an office. However, the biggest challenge you will face is how to make it an organized work area. To help out, here are 31 organizing tips from Among the most notable suggestions are matching your computer and paper files, using proper labels, getting a comfortable office chair, use of sliding drawers and pocket walls to maximize storage capacity, investing in a paper shredder, and using hooks to keep things handy. For the actual office work, having an organized folder and email system are both of a great help.

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