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Chambers of Commerce
Here is a handy site for home workers and telecommuters that offers a database of town chambers of commerce. It's helpful for freelancers and others looking to network with local businesses. Listings, information, a search, post office information and more are also offered at this site, helpful for anyone, especially those in a home office looking to increase their business.

Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Resources
Site seeks out, tests and supplies access to innovative, cutting-edge products and services for industry professionals and telecommuters. Tax resources, accounting, bookkeeping and investment resources include IRS tax forms, tax information, tax forms in PDF format, professional groups, associations, networks, and more resources in the field, such as accounting firms large and small, as well as financial reports.

Finding the Right Space When Running a Small Home Business
In this article at, blogger and book author Judy Heminsley shares her views on running a small business from home. Here, she explains its advantages including being available to need a very small space inside the house for a laptop and having the freedom of working they way you want it. However, Heminsley pointed out that home business owners should consider other people living in the same house. On the other hand, working alone in a spare room can be lonely so some people choose the living room. As an alternative, she suggests using coffee shops with free Wi-Fi or joining a free blogger meet-up event.

Productivity Tech Tools
This newsletter features information about tools for running and effective and profitable business. Many tools are great for home use, as well as larger businesses. Topics include merchant accounts and shopping carts, updating your website without knowing HTML, organizing your computer files, organizing your home office filing system, saving money on taxes, wireless electronic data, software for organization, creating online assessments, formatting emails and a book-marking solution to make your Internet time more efficient.

Telecommuting Resources, Virtual Teams
This site is geared for helping organizations work effectively when teams and internal partners are not co-located and must find "new ways to work wisely." Increasingly in many organizations, people are working longer hours, with fewer resources, and within virtual teams. The challenge of achieving results under these conditions is explored at this website, including tele-working, virtual teams, sales performance and work life issues. Includes information on e-learning programs, consulting services, booklets and guides, training programs, workshops and seminars for home office professionals.

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