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Do's and Don'ts in Workspace Design
Tips on how to organize your home office workspace are offered on this website, which includes a do and don't list. Suggestions include arranging home office desks in an L-shape, purchasing quality chairs, grouping computer, phone, fax and mail bin into separate areas, putting in home office cabinets and cubbies, installing quality home office lighting, planning for portability with cordless phones and laptops, personalizing your home office, working on a home office budget and leaving room for home office growth. Telecommuters will enjoy the selection of tips.

Telecommuting360: Resources for Telecommuters
Whatever your juggling act - caring for an elderly parent, raising children, dealing with workplace stress, or just trying to find some quiet time to yourself, this section is full of tips, resources, articles and alternatives to traditional attitudes on career and family. All are designed to help ease the strain between the often-competitive demands of job and home. We've also provided links to local and national groups that you can turn to for more information and assistance on a wide variety of work-family issues. Includes sections on state resources, national organizations and more to help telecommuters. For a best price guarantee on A-Qua Mailer, and other programs by Lorton Data Software, see Mailers MVP.

Claim Your Home Office Business Deductions
The first step to claiming the deductions you are entilted to when you are operating a small business from your home is to familiarize yourself with the rules set out by the Internal Revenue Service. Find out what kinds of expenses may be deducted, if you qualify. Visitors to this site will also find out what the IRS means by regular and exclusive use. Telecommuters are subject to special rules, and they are set out here as well.

Tax Advice for the Small Business Owner
This portal includes links to "hints and kinks" for filing small business tax returns. Topics include deductions for the self-employed, home office deductions, putting your spouse on the payroll, and using your car in your business. There are also links to many small business and home-office related pages and sites on topics like FAQ's, state and federal government regulations for small business, etc.

10 Great Tips When Setting Up a Home Office for the First Time
If this is the first time for you to set up a home office, this article at is a big help. The first tip involves making a list of your critical needs such as a laptop, a chair, and a small desk. The second tip is how to choose an effective space in your home, while the third one is how to be creative in your chosen space. The fourth tip is about having proper lighting, and the fifth tip is about having a dedicated telephone. The other tips focus on how to manage your time effectively.

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