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Does the List Created with Your Bulk Mail Software Entitle You to Nonprofit Postage Rates?
If your nonprofit organization is sending out mass mailings, the number of names on the list you created using your bulk mailing software is important. This informative web site explains that organizations that meet criteria set by the United States Postal Service can submit an application to qualify for a break on the cost of postage. Find out the steps involved in making the application here, including where you can download an application form. If you're looking for presort software for more cost-effective bulk mailings, see for a best-price guarantee.

SOHO Design Doesn't Have to be Expensive
If you are looking to outfit your home office without breaking the bank, check out the suggestions offered in this informative article. Find out where you should focus the majority of your funds to get the most bang for your buck. Get tips for choosing a desk, filing cabinet, office chair and desktop computer. Ways to cut costs on computer software are provided.

Home Office Resources and Products
A list of home office books and resources broken down into categories such as credit and collections, human resources, business planning, banking and investors, business planning, creativity, entrepreneurism, communication, home office resources, home-based work and tele-working.

Health Insurance and Small Businesses
One of the major challenges faced by the small business owner is affordable health coverage. It's no secret that health care is expensive and getting more expensive every year. Right now more than 45 million Americans are without health coverage of any kind. If that thought scares you silly, then as the CEO of your own home business you will have to find a health plan that is affordable for you. When comparing health plans there are several things to look for. First, What is covered? Not all plans cover everything. Make sure your plan covers what you need to have covered, such as doctor visits, hospitalization, eye exams and the like. Many health plans exclude things that you might assume were covered by all plans. Don't assume anything. What doctors can you see? Can you see your life-long family physician or do you have to choose from a limited list of doctors approved by the insurance company? What are your out-of-pocket expenses (and can you afford them) and how much paperwork is involved in filing a claim? Some health plans make the paperwork intentionally so complicated that most people choose to pay out-of-pocket for the majority of health expenses. There are a lot of things to consider when you open your own home office, including health care.

Create a File System That Works
Organize your home office with these easy tips that help you set up and create a filing system. Supplies needed are filing cabinet(s), file folders, a label maker, file section dividers, and pens. If your paper is in piles, boxes or all over the house or office, set aside a few days to sort through it all. Separate the types of paper you need to keep track of. Start to label your categories and you can have as many as you want but it is a good idea not to have too many. Make sure each one is named clearly so there is no confusion about what is in that section. Divide up folders according to banking and loans, properties and utilities to start. Good tips for those who work from home and need help setting up a home office as well.

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