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Telecommuting Resources
This portal from offers links to job opportunities and advice for those wishing to work from a home office. There are articles and links to resources for telecommuters and extensive job postings for jobs one can work from home.

Great Customer Service
It doesn't matter if you're running a one man/one woman enterprise or running a corporation with thousands of employees, one of the major keys to your success is customer relations. Customer relations can be as simple, according to this article, as remembering to call your customer by his or her name. The trick is to make the customer feel that he or she is your only concern. You should take care of problems quickly, be polite, actually listen to what your customer has to say, ask questions and follow up. The article reminds us that it is far easier and less expensive to keep a customer than it is to find a new one. Also on this page are links to several other articles of interest to the home businessperson, such as five marketing mistakes to avoid and a helpful article on the importance of knowing your local zoning restrictions.

Are You a Sophisticated Direct Bulk Mailing Marketer? Find Out Here!
From setting goals for your mass mailing, to implementing the steps involved in using bulk mailing software to help you manage the process, this informative site gives you tips you can use. To have a successful direct mail campaign, you need to plan it carefully. Learn about the importance of offering real incentives to your prospects, why you need to conduct tests and track your results, and more. To gain USPS discounts on your bulk mailings through cass certified software, see for a best-price guarantee on the best programs.

How to Have a Beautiful and Functional Home Office
A home office should not only be functional, it should also look beautiful, and home office expert Lisa Kanarek offers 10 tips on how you can achieve it. In her article at, Lisa explains the importance of choosing the right space. It can be a rarely-used dining room, a spare bedroom or any area that has no destruction. And because sitting down for a long time in front of a computer, she suggests considering a stand-up desk instead. The other tips discussed about having the appropriate lighting, making use of wall, choosing an ergonomically correct office chair, having an organized space, and including some plants to help reduce stress.

Small Business Guide and Resources
This small business guide includes a wealth of links for home office needs. Topics include starting your business, assessing whether self-employment is right for your, planning your business, business plans, financing your business, marketing your product, winning government contracts, setting up your home office and home office equipment, managing business finances, hiring employees, controlling your taxes, building your personal wealth, protecting your assets and getting out of your business should you wish to discontinue self-employment.

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