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Miami a Top 10 Global City for Real Estate Investment
BizJournal in this blog is happy to announce that Miami holds the Seventh rank among the Top 10 international cities for real estate investment. The best part about the Magic City is that it has lured overseas investors from China and Latin America. The other cities that welcome foreign investors are New York, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, Tokyo, Boston, Atlanta and Dallas. The statistics given in the blog is a clear indication that with time an increasing number of investors are looking for hot property deals in the U.S. real estate market. With successful allocation strategies, we hope to see further expansion in the real estate market soon.

Top 10 Reasons Hotel Investments Fail
If you want to venture into hotel investment business, than this Vesta Hospitality report is a must read. Although some people have tasted success through their own ingenuity, many people fail and after they fail, they blame everyone but themselves. In reality, failure or success is usually the result of bad decisions, which the failed investors do not easily own up to. This report lists 10 common reasons for failure in the hotel investment business and the preventive measures that to avoid the 10 decision traps. Read this report to find out more about the 10 cited reasons of failure in hotel investment, such as selecting the wrong people, lack of preparation for market cycles, weak location, poor quality underwriting, lack of discipline (over leveraging), cost overruns, competition, insufficient working capital, outdated management, and poor property maintenance and service.

Spain's Tourism Property Sector Attracts Asian Investors
Platinum Estates, a Hong Kong based boutique property firm, is heavily endorsing tourism property investments in Spain. According to this firm, Spain is the best European destination for tourism property investment. So long as the tourism demand continues to rise in Spain, the tourism real estate investors will make a fortune. Thus Chinese tourists cum investors have now turned their attention to boutique properties in Spain. Harry Mohinani, an Indian textile magnate and controller of Platinum Estates, has vast experience in buying distressed real estate assets. He has his eyes on the Spanish RE market since 2013.

With Crowdfunding, You Can Invest in Commercial Real Estate without Being Donald Trump
This CNN Tech news flash introduces crowdfunding in real estate. This article published in end 2015 was announcing the launch of crowdfunding programs in real estate. The message emphasized the fact that common investors will now have a chance to own a large commercial complex or building by sharing the ownership with other investors. Ever since then, many commercial property developers have successfully raised capital for their projects through crowdfunding. This novel method of real estate investing as brought real estate investing to the mainstream American population, who can begin to invest in real estate with as little as few thousand dollars.

Hotel Investors Dive Back into Spain
Dated April 2014, the article that appeared on Hotel News Now narrates the tale of investors heading to Spain for lucrative investments in hotels. Barcelona and Madrid have become the new tourism hot spots, after London and Paris. In 2013, investments in the Spanish hotel sector soared to 791 Million, close to 50 percent increase on the 2012 investment figures. Barcelona and Madrid have remained the top investment destinations since 2013, where most investment money went to 5-star hotels and other high-end properties. The overseas investors who have lately shown a lot of interest in the Spanish hospitality market are Middle Eastern and Asian nationals, some U.S. and Asian investment funds, and international brands.

10 Reasons to Invest in U.S. Commercial Real Estate
The Coldwell Banker Commercial site indicates that the U.S. real estate market continues to attract overseas investors in spite of fluctuating currency and complicated tax laws. The article also indicates that close to 24 percent of real estate investments in the U.S. are conducted by foreigners. China now tops the list of foreign investors after replacing Canada in rate of participation American real estate market. The 10 reasons listed for investing in U.S. commercial real estate market are low property prices, low interest rates, cheap financing, attractive loan options, domestic population growth, high quality commercial properties, strong U.S. economy, tax benefits, investor Control, and rising interest among foreign investors.

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