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10 Time Management Tips That Work
This article on Entrepreneur shows you how to manage your day by understanding the difference with 10 time management tips. It claims that everything we've ever learned about managing time is a complete waste because it doesn't work. You have to learn what time is before you can manage it. Time is when stuff happens. And there are two types of time: clock time and real time. In the latter, all time is relative. Prioritizing your individual to do list helps stay organized, as does designating a specific location for your keys, watch, wallet and other important everyday items. Keeping a telephone log is also suggested, as is doing the most desirable task first. More tips for individuals to carry notebooks, stay under scheduled, manage cooking and organize television viewing. An easy layout gives more tips for organized e-mail, achieving goals, making lists and overcoming personal procrastination.

How to Organize Your Life
This article on the Ask Men website is filled with insights, advice, tips and tricks for getting your life back on track and keeping it there. The opening paragraph on the site sums up personal organization quite nicely: It's one thing if you never misplace anything; it's another to be an organized individual. The difference lies between knowing how to get by, and knowing how to surpass your potential. By being organized, you'll not only be managing things, you'll end up on top of them by becoming more productive. Tips for keeping your life and your office organized include make a simple filing system and use it! Open mail and deal with it as soon as possible and throw out junk mail as quickly as possible. The final piece of advice is simply to keep an eye on things (literally). Make a point of looking at your work areas and filing or tossing out anything that's out of place. By simply keeping up with things, by never letting even small things get out of hand and grow into huge messes, it is easy to keep your life, your home and your work neatly organized and easily accessible.

Personal Organizing on has a massive about of information on personal organizing to help you deal with virtually every aspect of home, office, business or personal clutter in your life. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Proper organization and simplification can make you life run smoother and help relieve much of the stress you've been living under. Sites include articles and essays on time management, how to achieve more in less time, tips for streamline housework and for lessening the need for housework, printable checklists for everything from grocery shopping to errands, to organizing a kitchen, a bathroom, a garage and a laundry room. You'll find links to professional organizations that can provide order and discipline to your life, your office, or your household. There's even a support group for hoarders and clutters. Whatever your personal organizational needs are, this site has a link to get you there.

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