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Online Naturopathy School
This website is home to the naturopathy students of Linda Lazarides, a renowned author and natural health expert with over 20 years of naturopathic experience. She founded this international online naturopathy school in January 2011 to provide anyone interested in naturopathy and naturopathic nutrition with the knowledge and skills they need to become practitioners. The website offers information about the training course offered complete with a downloadable prospectus. It also features information on Linda Lazarides, the teaching and assessment methods, the online school’s qualifications and the organizations it is accredited by, and the entry requirements of the course. Visitors of the site can also apply for the course on the website, find links to naturopathy articles, course FAQs and testimonials, and read finished dissertations of the online school’s graduates.

Nutritional Supplements to Build Bone and Help Prevent Osteoporosis
This article by Harvinder S. Sandhu, M.D., who is affiliated with Cornell University, gives some useful tips for maintaining healthy bones such as reducing the amount of protein in your diet, avoiding carbonated beverages, increasing calcium intake, getting more Vitamin D and exercising. Sometimes supplements are helpful if you do not eat enough calcium-rich foods. Osteoporosis affects more than 28 million people in the United States, affecting both men and women. For more information about calcium and magnesium and osteoporosis, you’ll want to read this useful article on supplements for better nutrition.

Nutritional Therapy Association
The Nutritional Therapy Association is an educational organization that aims to educate, inspire and serve the society by helping healthcare professionals and individuals learn and understand the connection between proper holistic nutrition and optimal health and well-being. The NTA website features info on the nutritional therapy course programs the association offers, as well as different events the organization endorses. There is one section dedicated to members of the association, another to its online learners, and a link to Nutri-Q, the NTA’s cloud-based nutritional assessment software. There is also the NTA blog, with helpful articles on health, wellness, and the latest career and industry news.

High-dose vitamin C linked to kidney stones in men
Many experts have speculated that taking large amounts of vitamin C may contribute to the formation of oxalate-type kidney stones because of the metabolic conversion of vitamin C to oxalic acid. This article discusses a study by Swedish researchers (published by JAMA Internal Medicine in Feb. 2013) that details a connection between kidney stone formation and the use of Vitamin C supplements by some 23,000 Swedish men. The study was done over an 11-year period. The finding is that those men who took the vitamin C supplements were twice as likely to get kidney stones. On the other hand, use of a standard multivitamin did not seem to increase the risk of kidney stones.

Preparing Healthy Meals
Looking for a healthy recipe to toss all your healthy food—and cooking skills—into? Look no further. This site has free newsletters, healthy recipes, eating plans and more. Topics include getting fit, healthy menu planning, recipe makeovers, testing mental fitness, preparing for the holidays and more. Healthy weight loss resources are also here, including food guides and support system tools. This site is regularly updated with great meal suggestions so you can keep yourself and your entire family healthy when you cook.

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