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Lighting Sources and Suggestions
This site offers tips about light and color tips, as well as the four types of bulbs: incandescent, halogen, full-spectrum and fluorescent. Wall sconces, chandeliers and lamps are mentioned as lighting sources. Built-in lighting can be used to enhance artwork, and soft lighting and candlelight are also listed as decorative lighting sources. The article ends with information about how to use daylight to enhance a room, including which colors work with natural daylight.

Outdoor Lighting Tips From a Pro
Ready to install pathway and landscape lighting in your front yard? Avoid common mistakes by following tips given by Commonwealth Landscape Lighting’s Mark Piantedosi in this article by This Old House. Common outdoor lighting errors include wiring, placement, spacing, positioning, and aesthetics. You would be able to glean helpful and easy to follow instructions about how these errors could be eliminated. If you plan to illuminate the walkway, for example, you do not need to flood it up with lights; the ideal spacing between walkway lamps is 10 to 15 feet. You would also do better to position lights properly so their glare does not hurt the eyes.

Let Better Homes & Gardens Help You Light Up Your Life
Lighting is so important to creating the correct mood for any room, any home. This helpful article from Better Homes & Gardens discusses the latest trends in home lighting and the best ways to achieve them. The article contends that the latest trends are focused less on the aesthetics of fixtures and more on how they function. There's a discussion of general Lighting and the best ways to achieve a general overall brightness to any room, but most especially the kitchen, through a combination of lighting sources including a central ceiling mounted feature, properly spaced can lighting, and recessed spotlights around the perimeter of the kitchen. Task lighting, especially as it refers to the kitchen, is best achieved, according to this article, through a combination of ceiling or wall mounted fixtures, under-cabinet lighting, and small sized fluorescent bulbs and halogen track lights. Accent lighting can be used to spotlight a kitchen's best feature and is best achieved through a mixture of track lights, wall mounted lights, and recessed lights which are brighter than the general lighting. The use of a dimmer can add mood. The article is rounded out with a helpful discussion of bulb types, including incandescent, fluorescent, and tungsten-halogen.

Top Trends in Interior Lighting Design
Lighting is a crucial part of a home’s interior design. With lighting, one can manipulate not just the appearance of a home, but its atmosphere as well. It goes without saying that the lighting design changes from one room to another, because the kind of lighting that works for one room may not work for another. Aside from tastes and preferences, lighting designs are also influenced by technology, which introduces newer and more modern light fixtures. This article features the top trends in lighting design for 2018, one of which is the warm retro style that makes use of vintage Edison-style bulbs.

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