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You'll find inspiration, options, projects, products and a variety of features you may want to incorporate into your kitchen with these links. Topics include: kitchen design basics, designing your dream kitchen, kitchen island tips, remodeling checklists, and more. Home improvement magazines and design books are wonderful resources for gathering all of your design preferences when you want to design your own kitchen. More articles include kitchen facelifts, island living, counter action and kitchen hoods.

Huge Gallery of Colored Kitchens
Color in the kitchen, especially for cabinetry was not as popular as during the last decade. But as time goes by, homeowners and interior designers bravely venture into them. To show that colored kitchens look great to your eyes, here's a huge photo gallery of some of them. As you can see, cabinets here are painted high-gloss red, hot pink, red-orange, sky blue, royal blue, cottage blue, moody blue, turquoise, lavender, or purple. But that's not all. There are also different flavors of green, such as avocado green, lime green, spring green, sage green, and moss green. For yellow cabinets, the flavors are yellow island, energetic yellow and cheerful yellow. You can also find pink and orange cupboards.

How to Prepare Your Kitchen for a Quick Sale
This article on wikiHow is on preparing your kitchen for a prospective homebuyer to purchase. As the article says, well presented kitchens help to sell houses!. It talks about the importance cleanliness, and the need for a deep clean. You also want to de-clutter, especially countertops so buyers can see a lot of clear workspace. The walls are also important. A light neutral paint job is safety; ideals is to have a couple rows of wall tiles to spice up the decor. Cabinets are very important. If they are too dark they make the kitchen seem dark and oppressive. You want the cabinent finishes to look as new and undamaged possible. There are plenty of other tips, includes how to accessorize the kitchen.

24 Smart Organizing Ideas for Your Kitchen
Tips for a clutter free, organized kitchen include the following, and much more: Use a lazy Susan to house sticky or spillable food items, give cookbooks shelf space, hang aprons, pot holders, dish towels, etc. on pegs (but away from the stove), arrange kitchenware by frequency of use, with everyday dishes on the easiest-to-reach shelves, group smaller object by purpose and assign to specific cabinets, designate a cooking zone around the stove and store pots and pans close to the range, keep plastic bags and wrapping goether in a drawer near the refrigerator, keep essential tools together and within easy reach for food prep, file plastic containers and their tops in orderly zones in the same draw to find them easily, use lid racks to store the tops to various pots and pans, install sliding shelf organizers, and use drawer organizers to keep cutlery separated.

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