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Find Local Roofers Using this Directory
Finding a roofer in your area can be challenging. To find a qualified roofing specialist, visit this website to check out the 600 plus links to people performing this type of work. Site visitors can search by location or see the latest links to get leads for roofing contractors near them. Along with the online directory, the site also provides helpful articles for consumers on various topics, including how to choose the right roofer, performing a roof inspection and cleaning up black mold. is a huge source of home improvement and maintenance tips. The site has more than 15 category pages, including safety, electrical, plumbing, furniture repairs, heating and air conditioning, storage, and structural. There also tons of simple easy-to-do DIY projects with tutorials. Among them are how to build a closet, tree house, book case, dog house, gaming table, train table, playscape, swing set, workbench, TV stands, and many more. Here, you can also learn how to install a ceiling fan, a garage door, kitchen cabinets, and others. Another page contains decorating tips and tricks for your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and laundry room.

Get Advice from Auto Body Repair Painting Forum
Internet users who want to find information about auto painting should make a point of visiting this discussion forum. People who want to ask questions as well as those who want to share their knowledge about this specialized aspect of auto repair are welcome to visit and participate in the threads here. General topics, technical information and the right way to touch up auto paint are a few examples of what you will find here. For expert auto painting Los Angeles, see Westwood Auto Body. They use high grade paint and clear coat and offer a lifetime guarantee.

Cast Iron Chimineas Add Interest to Your Outdoor Living Area
This web site takes you through the process of setting up your new cast iron chiminea in a step-by-step manner. Find out how to select the right area, what to burn and the properties of different types of wood. Information about storage and maintenance, along with general safety tips, have also been provided.

Would You Like to Learn How to Make Your Own Tabletop Water Features? Find Out Here
Building your own tabletop indoor fountains doesn't have to be an intimidating experience. You can create your own stress-reducing object that you can place on your desk or in your home for lasting enjoyment. From looking for indoor fountain ideas to selecting a container and assembling the rocks or shells you will use as accents, you will get the information you need here. Install a pump and insert the plastic tubing, and your tabletop fountain is good to go! Take your time and experiment with different effects before you place your fountain where you are planning to display it.

Tips on Wallpaper
This is the site of Hirshfield's, a Minnesota-based decorating products business that's fourth-generation family owned since 1894. The section on wallpaper offers many tips and instructions on installation, preparation, removal, and care. A list of links covers a variety of wallpapering situations. A do-it-yourself section has design tips and trends, removal and preparation products, and removal and installation tips. You can also shop for wallpapers and borders, new collections, and specialty home décor with search tools and shopping carts. A search tool by zip code will let you find retailers, professional installers, and professional designers near you.

Home DIY Repairs and Projects Made Easy
If you want to do some home repairs but you're hesitant to do them because you think they are difficult, this huge list of easy-to-follow tips can help you. This includes how to repair a leaking toilet, how to fix your damaged garbage disposal unit, and how to refinish your deck. There are also links to different category pages on such as painting, plumbing, gardening, and electrical. On these sections, you can read tutorials on tons of home projects for your kitchen, bathroom, driveways, and other parts of the house.
A guide for the do-it-yourselfer on ceramic tile. The site contains tutorials with photographs and diagrams providing instructions on installing, repairing and caring for ceramic tile floors, walls, and countertops. The site includes information on the tools and hardware you'll need, and a ceramic tile calculator and material estimator. Also provided are a lit of home remodeling and ceramic tile books, how to install ceramic tile on a budget, video downloads, and a home improvement resource directory.

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