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Senior Discounts: Saving on the Internet
Looking for senior citizen discounts? This website says it lists more than 125,000 discounts. Members get discounts if they are over the age of 55, and receive a Senior Discount Guide Book, with 500-plus pages of references, a personalized card, and membership newsletters. On the site, you can search for discounts and add a discount that you find on the Internet. The site has discounts on dental and vision, as well as alternative, prescriptions, chiropractic and alternative health for elders.

Study: Chiropractic Care Benefits Seniors
This article at features summaries of some studies suggesting that chiropractic care has a lot of benefits to elderly people. According to the post, a study (Spine 2009; 34:1716-21) concluded that the 253 orthopedic surgeons and 145 family physicians who participated have a little knowledge of treating low-back pain (LBP). Meanwhile, another study was made to compare compared chiropractic care with medical care for older patients with LBP. The study (J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2009; 32:330-43) was said to have concluded that participants who underwent chiropractic adjustments have significant improvement. Two other studies were mentioned, and both of them have nearly similar results. is the official website of Doug Schrift, a physical therapist, a certified geriatric specialist, and a senior fitness coach. Here, he offers some senior fitness programs and free exercises for elderly people along with tutorial videos. The exercises are arranged in categories such as lower body stretches, upper body stretches, lower body strengthening, upper body strengthening, balance exercises, and posture exercises. Among the specific drills are seated lifts, standing quadriceps stretch, back stretch, inner thigh stretch, calf stretch, and many more. There are also articles on how to learn correct posture, the different techniques in breathing, how to increase your flexibility, how to gain endurance, and how to develop better balance.

Senior Resources: Housing Options and Health
On this website seniors can get housing information for retirement, finance, insurance and care management information. There's plenty of information here on how to find a retirement home, cope with aging as an elderly citizen and understand senior housing options. Discover how senior estate and insurance planning can improve your housing choices, and how elder law can affect your planning. Find out how to receive at-home senior care and how to stay in your home as long as possible. Also learn about definitions of senior homes with care. There is an informative ezine that discusses a plethora of elder health issues.

Healthy Eating for the Elderly
Seniors need to pay attention to nutrition as they age. A healthy diet can provide increased mental acuteness, help you resist illness and disease, give you more energy, improve your immune system, provide faster recuperation times after sickness and help elders manage chronic health problems. This article defines what obstacles require seniors to pay special attention to their diet. It also features senior nutritional recommendations, and gives elders and caregivers tips for creating a healthy, well-balanced diet. It gives useful senior nutrition tips, such as flavoring food healthfully and having a diet low in fat and sodium and high in fiber and calcium.

Find an Expert Chiropractor Near You
If you are looking for advice from a chiropractor, check out This page provides a list of providers who are ready and willing to answer questions on a number of topics, including how to deal with back and neck pain, sciatica, back injuries and headaches. Visitors to the site can see profiles of different chiropractors and submit a question to a specific doctor to receive a personalized response. Check out answers to previously-asked questions to see if the information you are looking for has already been covered.

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