Samples Resources for Elder Living (01)

Choosing Elder Housing and Residential Care
Many seniors remain in their houses past the age of 65. In fact, many elderly housing options today are independent. There are nursing homes and other facilities, such as Alzheimerís disease facilities, that can help elders get the care they need. Independent living, assisted living and nursing home care are the three basic types of senior housing. This site gives you basic information about housing options and clearly explains why the topic of elder housing can be hard to understand, how to choose a housing option for you, what the challenges of aging are, and what types of activities are included in many housing options.

Senior Health, Travel and More by ElderNet
ElderNet presents this useful site covering senior health, travel and other elder activities, as well as senior financial planning and much more. Financial planning is vital for many elderly citizens to ensure that they can enjoy retirement. This has tips and resources on retirement planning and choosing a financial planner, 401K information and mutual funds tips. Learn about your elder health and retirement benefits and explore the senior lifestyles directory. A section on senior activities and ideas for fun is included. You can also visit the ElderNet lawyer and get legal information on senior lifestyle and financial issues. A great one-stop-shop sort of website for seniors who want savvy tips and up to date information.

Get Tips for Choosing a Chiropractor from a Back Pain Sufferer
The premise for the web site is self-explanatory. It is written in language for a lay person and provides detailed information from the point of view of someone living with this health concern. If you are thinking of exploring chiropractic care from the perspective of a patient, you will get some valuable insight here. The tone is one of a friend offering an opinion about different treatment options rather than clinical facts from a health care provider. Find out about one man's experience of life with chronic back pain and his journey to find relief. For an excellent

Traveling for Elders: Trip Tips
Taking a trip? There are a few tips for elder travel that will make your adventure much easier to enjoy. Tips for traveling seniors include leaving a detailed itinerary with friends at home including your schedule and contact information for places you are visiting. Trip insurance is a great idea if your trip gets cancelled. Another good tip is to reserve hotel rooms with specially equipped rooms first. Especially for elders, bring an ample supply of your medication in the original containers. Do not use pill cases and bring copies of your prescriptions and if possible, carry a letter from your doctor about your medicines. More tips for traveling seniors are included here, a great checklist to browse before you book your next trip!

Living Environments for Elderly Citizens
As people age, their mental and physical abilities may decline. Thatís why people have researched environmental living design features to help seniors live better and easier. These features include automatic turn-offs on stove burners, stove controls on the front of the stove, having D-shaped door and cabinet handles and single-level faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. This site includes information to help elders live more safely by designing smart interior spaces. Useful tips are featured.



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