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Making Rag Rugs on Mother Earth News
What's old is new again at this site where everything from old T-shirts to blue jeans to maternity clothes get recycled into brand new rag area rugs. What a wonderful and novel idea. Virtually any piece of textile can be recycled into a beautiful and useful rag rug. Learn to design and then make hooked rag area rugs from almost any old scrap of cloth. Learn about the different kinds of backings you can use. But that's not all. Also learn to make prodded rag area rugs. Prodded rugs are usually softer and less knobby and can be made in a variety of textures depending on the materials you have to work with. Learn about braided rugs, crocheted rugs, combination rugs and more. This site has many photos of hand made rag area rugs to give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for creating and actually making your own rag rugs.

Binding Hooked Rug Edges
This article teaches you how to bind hooked rug edges. Joan Moshimer, the author, explains that you need to machine stitch the burlap about 1" beyond the outside line of your pattern, going across the corners. She says because the greatest wear and tear on rugs is the edging, they must be bound or faced on the edges. She offers two methods for binding rug edges. One is done before you start hooking and the other when you are done. Either way is good, but she believes the latter is better among many people.

Fredericksburg Rugs
Fredericksburg Rugs offers a wide selection of rug hooking kits and patterns, books and other resources. The site also features information about the bed and breakfast log cabin, as well as rug retreats and rug classes. Hand-dyed wool, wool textures, bolt wool yardage, and recycled Pendleton shirts for rug hooking, penny rug, or quilting are also available.

Making Canvas Rugs on
Learn how to make a canvas rug with this easy how-to guide. These practical floor cloths are durable and inexpensive to make. They clean up with a damp mop and mild detergent. No wonder canvas rugs have been popular since colonial times. After the introduction of linoleum, they fell out of favor early in the last century. The craft was revived in the 1950s, when period rugs were made for historic homes. Modern materials have streamlined the technique; with today's quick-drying, water-based products, you can paint a rug this weekend and have it for years. Site includes canvas rug painting tips, decorative photos for rug making ideas, tools and materials needed, making a leaf rug and finishing a rug.

Make a Briaded Rug from Old Fabric
This do-it-yourself article with slideshow shows you how to make a beautiful braided rug from old fabric. All you need are basic braiding and hand-sewing skills, and you can probably make a rug in a single weekend. The article tells you what you're need, which is quite simple: long stribs of fabric (old sheets and curtains are ideal as easy to work with), sewing scissors, a ruler, pins, safety pins, sewing needles and thread that's neutral to your fabrics.

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