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3 Low Cost Start-ups: Fitness Center, Car Rental & Hotel shares stories of three business owners who launched their own enterprises on a budget, including a car rental agency. If you are thinking of doing the same, you may be able to get some inspiration from reading about these business success stories. A person who is interested in setting up a car rental company doesn't need to have an entire fleet of vehicles to start; the business can get launched with only a couple of cars. See Marathon Car Rental, serving the West side of Los Angeles, for excellent rates and service for a car rental Downey. They'll pick up within a 3-mile radius of their locations in Culver City and Downey. For a monthly car rental Los Angeles under 25, see Rent A Wreck on the west side.

What You Need to Know About Auto Body Shops from Kiplinger
Kiplinger gives consumers information they can use to make the best decisions about which auto body shop to use for repairs following an accident. The site points out that even a minor accident can lead to large car repair bills, how auto body shops work with insurance companies to keep repair cost down, why European cars need to be looked after by mechanics with special knowledge and training, and more. When you're in the need for quality service in auto body Los Angeles, check out Westwood Auto Body on the west side at Westwood Blvd. north of Olympic.

Take Advantage of Bulk Mailing Software and Shipping Discounts to Help Your Business Grow
Getting the word out about your business is an important activity. After all, how can you attract customers if they don't know you are ready to serve them. If you are planning to invest in bulk mailing software to help you prepare for a mailing program, be sure to check out this guide to saving on your shipping costs. Get the facts you need to determine if applying for a bulk mail permit, stamping each individual mailer, sorting them and taking them to a bulk mail center is worth the time involved. Professional mailers seeking postal discounts through bulk mailing software should visit for a best-price guarantee on the leading programs

Home Office Resources
This collection of resources is designed to help you improve your business. They are listed by category to make it easier to find the right book, organization or business for you. Links include home office books, home office books for parents, telecommuting books, small business support websites and online publications to aid home office workers. Home office tips, a question and answer section and more home office resources are included.

30 Cool Ideas for your Home Office
If you need some cool ideas that you can use an inspiration for your own office at home, here are 30 cool home office designs from Each design has a stunning photo and is accompanied with a brief description. Among the captivating designs are a black and white set up with a modern hanging staircase, a money-saving modular home office, a so-called Eskimo set up, a home office where the cables are hidden under the desk, a simple but beautiful minimalism set up, a wonderfully illuminated set up, and a retro studio-type design.

How to Set Up a SOHO Computer Network
Find out how you can set up your own computer network for convenience or to share information between users. The Network Dictionary web site explains how a typical SOHO Ethernet Local Area Network can be set up to accommodate up to 10 people. Setting up the network software and groupware is covered, along with how to connect the local network to the Internet.

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